Blizzard of 2011!

Miserable.  That’s the word I’ll use to describe what’s going on outside.  Winter weather on the farm can be frustrating and challenging.  However, this blizzard makes living on the farm and getting chores accomplished down right miserable!  We catch a lot of wind here on the hill in Blue Mounds, and we can get blown in pretty tight by snow drifts.  After this morning’s chores Patrick had to plow away the 4 foot drifts by the barn.  Of course, the drifts were back by early afternoon.  Patrick and I spent the rest of the afternoon making sure that all of the cows, calves, show heifers, steers, and bulls were prepared for the snow, cold, and wind that is bearing down on us.  First, Patrick had to plow paths through the cattle yards gates.  Then, he had to plow paths through the cattle yards so that we could get to the sheds to put bedding down.  The hay feeders had to be re-stocked, and of course paths had to be plowed to the cattle feeders and waterers.  Then, night chores had to be done.  Patrick also had to plow the drifts away from the wood pile so that we could re-stock the outdoor woodburner.  Unfortunately, all of the drifts will be blown back in by morning.  Hours and hours of time will be spent tomorrow on the Bobcat digging us back out from under all of the snow drifts again!  Dennis and Hope arrived home late this afternoon from South Dakota.  Whew, we were glad to see them get home!  They took 2 Angus bulls out to the Black Hills Stock Show.  The bulls showed very well and we were pleased with the sale.  

The wind is really whipping outside now.  I just looked out the window and I’m not able to see the barn through the blowing snow.  In the 22 years we’ve lived here that has never happened!  At least I can be reassured that all of the animals are safely tucked away for the night, even if I can’t see them.


~ by dreamy280 on February 2, 2011.

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